BUSINESS Recycling

According to the EPA, as much as 80 – 90 percent of office waste can be recycled. Many businesses are realizing that sustainability plans are not only the right thing to do, but can save significant money. One easy step of a sustainability plan is to reduce waste by recycling. By implementing a few easy steps, your office could be on its way to becoming greener [or] more Earth-friendly.

  • Figure out what people are throwing away.
  • Start Small – depending on what people are throwing away, decide what makes sense to start your recycling program. In an office it is typically paper or cans.
  • Appoint an office program coordinator.
  • Encourage people to recycle – place bins in a convenient location, make sure the recycling bin is easy to see.
  • Communicate the program – train your staff, including the janitorial staff.
  • Arrange for pickup.

You can also use the Michigan Materials Market Directory to search for businesses and organizations throughout the state that collect and process recyclable material. Another option is to take advantage of recycling drop-off locations, find more details on the Drop-off Guidelines Page.

 business recycling